Massage Therapy

Massage therapy supports you to become more aware of what is going inside your body and mind. It teaches you to listen more closely to the signals of your body.

With respect to massage therapy, I assume there is a question you have in mind or a condition that bothers you. Your question can be physical, mental, emotional and spiritual in nature. Together, we will examine your question by means of various techniques and methods, such as conscious relaxation, awareness, breathing and movement exercises, (guided) meditation and of course massage.

What type of questions do people have when they visit a massage therapist?

  • “I have a burnout, how can I learn to relax and listen to the signals of my body?”
  • “I’ve had a rough few months and would now like to focus more on myself and my body. How can I do this?”
  • “How do I learn to think less and feel more”
  • “Can you help me get back in touch with my body”
  • “I have physical complaints. How can I experience more space, energy and lightness in my body?”

During an interview, we will discuss which question you want to work with. Together, we will communicate about your expectations and needs during the session. I will propose how we can shape the trajectory accordingly. At the same time, we will determine the length of the process, as well as the frequency of the sessions. Massage therapy can be complementary to psychological treatment.

What are the benefits of massage therapy?

  • (Vague) symptoms of fatigue
  • (Dealing with) stress and overexertion
  • Support when faced with a burnout
  • Recurring physical or emotional problems
  • Assistance with changes in living conditions
  • Desire for deeper contact with your own body and inner experience
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