Who is behind Holistic Swan Massage?

Olav Swaan

massage therapist

I have succesfully completed the four-year training program for massage therapy at the Academy of Massage and Movement in Amsterdam. Experienced therapists and teachers have brought me into contact with the power and beauty of holistic body work. There is so much to experience and to discover in the inner world of the body and the mind! It was an exciting journey, which has not always been easy. At times, there are still hardships and learning, but as a person, I feel I have grown tremendously from receiving and giving holistic bodywork! One thing I know for sure: massages and bodywork have become an inseparable part in my life. It is my goal to help people experience the healing power of holistic massages.

As for holistic massage (therapy), the body is used as a gateway to reach mental, emotional and spiritual levels of our being. The essential contact is created by touching the core. And this is amazing to me. For one person the core is a moment of pure relaxation in a stressful period. For another it is mainly about the feeling of being fully accepted, to just be. And another person wants to connect with his or her deeper needs. I enjoy contributing to other people’s developmental processes (or personal development) and I find this to be a deeply rewarding job.

We all have our own histories, patterns and needs. I approach everyone with an open attitude and will be happy to take you on an open minded journey, having my full presence with you and your inner world.

Do you wish to take this journey with me? A massage awaits.

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