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Holistic Swan Massage

Experience the healing power of a holistic massage
deep tissue massage Amsterdam massagetherapist; massagetherapeut
Make a journey through the inner world of body and mind
hand and fingers massage
A body-mind relaxation massage
A firm Deep tissue massage
An embracing four-handed massage
An activating Thai yoga massage
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Massage Therapie
supports you to become more aware of what is going inside your body and mind
thai yoga massage Amsterdam
I felt like I was in heaven during the massage
Thanks for flying me to the moon!
I feel embraced

Holistic Swan Massage

Holistic Swan Massage in Amsterdam offers a variety of massage styles. Treat yourself to a relaxing massage, a firm deep tissue massage, or an invigorating chair massage.

At Holistic Swan Massage, we also offer massage therapy. Do you have any question on physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level that concerns you? Would you like to examine this thoroughly with professional and compassionate guidance? Are you looking to become more aware of what is going on inside your body and your mind? If this is the case, massage therapy may be supportive for you.

Why choose Holistic Swan Massage?

  • Caring, communicative and licensed massage therapist
  • Custom massages, high-quality relaxation experience
  • Skillful and professional massage therapist (ongoing tuition in the professional field)
  • Easily book your appointments online
  • Good value for your money
  • Location is easy to reach
  • Pleasant practice space
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A body-mind experience to optimally unwind your body and mind.

A firm massage to work on a deeper muscular level freeing up stagnated energy and emotions.

This massage relieves tension in the upper body and is done fully clothed on a specially designed chair.

Massage therapy supports you to become more aware of what is going inside your body and mind. It teaches you to listen more closely to the signals of your body.

It is my goal to help people experience the healing power of holistic massages.

Holistic Swan Massage – Olav Swaan

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