Holistic Swan has moved to Domselaerstraat 92. See you soon in a lovely space!

Holistic Swan Massage

Holistic Swan Massage offers a variety of massages. Treat yourself to a relaxing massage, a firm deep tissue massage, a soothing pregnancy massage or a revitalizing chair massage. And do not worry if you can’t choose! We always make sure we tailor the massage to your specific needs and situation.

At Holistic Swan Massage, we also offer massage therapy. Do you have any questions on a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level that concern you? Would you like to have those concerns examined thoroughly? Are you looking to become more aware of what is going on inside your body and your mind? In that case, massage therapy may is what you need.

Why choose Holistic Swan Massage?

  • Friendly, skillful and licensed massage therapist
  • Atmospheric area
  • Custom massages, high-quality relaxation experience
  • Location is easy to reach, in Amsterdam-East
  • Easily book online
  • Good value for your money


My goal is to let people experience the power of a holistic massage.

Holistic Swan Massage – Olav Swaan


Thanks for flying me to the moon!

Perfect experience. Not only helping me with my back problems by massage and also sending instructions of movements at home, it was so relaxing. Nice music, smells so nice and everything is very clean. What a positive surprise!

Wonderful experience! Olav is a very attentive and skilled masseur, he listens and makes sure you are being completely pampered and relaxed. The ambiance of the place, music, temperature, cleanliness, heated bed and the massage itself is one of a kind experience. Totally recommended 🙂

This guy is one of the best! Every time I get a massage from Olav I leave refreshed relaxed and recharged. He is a charming man who simultaneously embodies skill, know how, intuition and passion in his work. Professional massage table, warm and fresh towels in a clean room with soothing music. His therapeutic massage is warm, healing, nurturing, comforting & energizing. So whether you are just traveling or you had a long day and want to recharge and pamper yourself give Olav a call. You won’t regret it

Top place for an hour of relaxing time!

As always, my hour with Olav is restorative and healing. He is the best, very attentive to my needs and wishes!

I booked a massage on a whim because of feeling stressed at work – visiting Olav was really pleasant and calming. He listened to where I was feeling tension in my body and provided a relaxing massage that focused on these parts of my body – I will definitely be back.

My partner surprised me and booked me in for a massage. The room has a nice ambiance, Olav is a true professional. I was so relaxed after the massage. I will go back soon!

Olav is a great professional and I felt really relaxed after his massage.

Wonderful experience! Olav works focussed and has a mindful approach. Because of his calm way of being and the cosy ambiance of the salon, I felt at ease immediately and I could relax easily. Looking forward to the next treatment!

“I felt like I was in heaven during the massage. Everything felt very loving and I could feel every touch throughout my entire body. Very different, but very nice! I even got a little emotional, but in a good way. Especially the “flowing” through my body felt as if I had become whole. It felt as if my body was in contact with my mind.”