Help with the booking-process

as the booking process is in Dutch, here are most of the translations in English. If you still need assistance at the booking process, please contact me.

Kiezen =  select

Kies tijd = select time

Ga verder = proceed

Voor- en achternaam = first name and family name

Telefoonnummer = phone number

Is het voor jezelf?= do you book the massage for yourself?

Ben je de afgelopen 12 maanden al in de salon geweest? = have you visited this venue in the past 12 months?

Ja = yes

Nee = no

Betaling= payment

Betaal in de salon = pay at the venue

Kies je bank om verder te gaan = select your bank to proceed

Vink deze optie aan indien wij jou e-mails en sms’jes mogen sturen over onze aanbiedingen, en Treatwell jou e-mails mag sturen over de laatste aanbiedingen en beautynieuws = select this option if we may send you emails and text messages with our special deals and news.