Relaxation massage

A body-mind experience to optimally unwind your body and mind.


This massage is performed on a heated massage table. It is a flowing massage with variaty, both in tempo and applied pressure. I use various massage styles and techniques, tailored to your specific needs. Meditative music plays in the background to help you relax more easily and you will smell the lovely scents of essential oils. I will massage your whole body using a natural massage oil but partial massages of specific body parts are also possible. This massage is for men and women who lead a busy life and for whom a moment of blissful relaxation is very welcome.

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Deep tissue massage

A firm massage to work on a deeper muscular level freeing up stagnated energy and emotions..

The techniques in deep tissue massage are used to reach deeper levels of muscles and tissue. The touch is focused on creating more space in the ‘myofascia’: the flexible ‘web’ of connective tissue, enveloping tendons, muscles and ligaments on multiple levels and connecting the entire body. By means of slow, firm and deep massage techniques, accumulated tension and stress can be freed up.

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Four-handed massage

A massage to embrace you in a warm bath of loving touch, attention and care.

During this intense experience, you will be massaged by two people. Four hands will make a journey across your body. We invite you to let go of control and to bring your attention from your mind to your feelings and bodily sensations. I will perform this massage together with a male of female (licensed) massage therapist with whom I work closely.

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